Different poster designs for the movies you love

1. Power Rangers (2017)

Carlos Dattoii Did an amazing job in this concept art for the new Power Rangers movie. The level of detail is outstanding from the paint job of the zords to the ranger suits. I really like the wear and tear effect on the rangers and the zords, it gives it a more realistic feel because they look like they have been fighting and the wounds and warn out paint shows that.

The Last Knight Returns

Optimus has left earth in search of his maker leaving the autobots without their leader. Earth  is in danger and without the almighty optimus prime to protect it, it is up to the humans to fight and protect their home from the eminent destruction. Without optimus prime the human race last hope lies in the history of the transformers on earth and the hidden secrets.

Our world hangs in the balance

The Dark Tower is a classic story about the good against evil with a western feel to it. A gun slinger, the last of its kind is locked in an eternal battle with the man in black to protect his world and ours. The gun slinger (Idris Elba) protects the dark tower from the man in black because it is the key to holding the universe together. What will happen when the tower finally falls what will happen to the balance of the universe?

Signs in your crops

What would you do if one day you found giant geometrical shapes in your crops? Graham discovered a crop circle in his field, shortly after discovering the circle he learns that animals all over town are becoming aggressive and he was even forced to kill one of his dogs after it got violent against his son. While Graham was watching the news he learns that these crop signs have been appearing all over the world along with sightings of invisible flying objects with lights. One night Graham and his son notice a tall dark figure in the fields and they chase after it but did not manage find anything.

Getting a dream job

Young Emma Watson lands her dream job at a tech company lead by Tom Hanks. Mae soon discovers the dark side of the circle and their plans, which may change her life and the rest of the world. In the trailer we learn that the circle has been working on pushing the boundaries of privacy and social media but while participating in an experiment for the company Mae discovers the real intentions behind the circle.

Travel into the grid

Tron Legacy was a reboot of the original tron released in 1982. Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn, a genius who discovered a world inside a computer and created the grid. 20 years after his father mysteriously disappeared sam finds himself in his fathers old office in the arcade where he gets teleported into the grid. There, sam gets captured and sent to the “arena” where he gets his ‘identity disk” and then he is forced to fight against other programs.

There is a fighter in all of us

Follow Jack Black as Ignacio in his journey to become a luchador. Ignacio is a cook at a monastery in Mexico where he was raised after his parents passed away. Wrestling is forbidden in the monastery and Ignacio loves the orphans and the monastery but he also loves wrestling and so he tries to find a way to do both and so the story of Nacho Libre begins.

Family No More

The fast and furious franchise is iconic for its fast and dangerous driving stunts and it seems like every time a new movie comes out their adventures get better and better. This family is held together by their love of cars, respect and loyalty towards each other but what will happen when the “alpha” of the family betrays their bond and turns against them? what will happen to the crew when they have to fight against their leader, will they be able to defeat their all mighty leader? 

In the streets of Tokyo . . .

Tokyo drift, the only movie in the Fast and Furious franchise that was out of place and people didn’t quite understand why and how it connected to the rest of the franchise until about the 6th movie where they explained what happened in Tokyo drift. It took years after the movie was released for the fans to get an explanation to how Tokyo drift was part of the rest of the franchise. The franchise’s movie order doesn’t follow the events that happen in the movies, for example the events that happened in Tokyo drift  happened between the 5th and 6th but the Tokyo Drift was the 3rd movie released.

Dream Big

The animated movie that stole all of our hearts. A little garbage robot with enough determination to go to space and bring life back to earth. Years after the world had been abandoned by humans there was a little robot still roaming the earth doing what he was built for, picking up garbage and packaging it into small block and stacking them. we see him struggle against the elements with his little bug friend day in and day out until one day his daily routine changed and turns into an adventure that takes him way out to space where the humans now live comfortably in ships floating in space, he also finds his friend Eve and together they fight their way back to earth along with the humans.