Our world hangs in the balance

The Dark Tower is a classic story about the good against evil with a western feel to it. A gun slinger, the last of its kind is locked in an eternal battle with the man in black to protect his world and ours. The gun slinger (Idris Elba) protects the dark tower from the man in black because it is the key to holding the universe together. What will happen when the tower finally falls what will happen to the balance of the universe?

Getting a dream job

Young Emma Watson lands her dream job at a tech company lead by Tom Hanks. Mae soon discovers the dark side of the circle and their plans, which may change her life and the rest of the world. In the trailer we learn that the circle has been working on pushing the boundaries of privacy and social media but while participating in an experiment for the company Mae discovers the real intentions behind the circle.

Travel into the grid

Tron Legacy was a reboot of the original tron released in 1982. Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn, a genius who discovered a world inside a computer and created the grid. 20 years after his father mysteriously disappeared sam finds himself in his fathers old office in the arcade where he gets teleported into the grid. There, sam gets captured and sent to the “arena” where he gets his ‘identity disk” and then he is forced to fight against other programs.

Death is Coming for You

Once again we set sail in another adventure with the notorious pirate jack sparrow as he comes face to face with death itself. The next chapter in pirates of the Caribbean jack sparrow’s nemesis comes back from the dead to settle his debt with jack sparrow and make him pay for what he did to him. Salazar and his crew of dead sailors start on a journey to find  Jack while he embarks in a mysterious journey to find the only thing that can save him. We have seen Jack conquer a lot of challenges and enemies throughout the other four movies but could he escape the grip of death itself when it comes for him?

If You Can Think, It You Can Do It – Literally

If you happened to come across an object that gave you the ability to create a story of anything you want, and it would come true, would you use it? In the story of Ruby Sparks, a younger writer named Calvin, dreams up a woman and decides to write about her. Over time, he falls in love with the woman in his head, and the more he writes about her, the more real she becomes.