Travel into the grid

Tron Legacy was a reboot of the original tron released in 1982. Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn, a genius who discovered a world inside a computer and created the grid. 20 years after his father mysteriously disappeared sam finds himself in his fathers old office in the arcade where he gets teleported into the grid. There, sam gets captured and sent to the “arena” where he gets his ‘identity disk” and then he is forced to fight against other programs.

There is a fighter in all of us

Follow Jack Black as Ignacio in his journey to become a luchador. Ignacio is a cook at a monastery in Mexico where he was raised after his parents passed away. Wrestling is forbidden in the monastery and Ignacio loves the orphans and the monastery but he also loves wrestling and so he tries to find a way to do both and so the story of Nacho Libre begins.

A Trip Back to Old Hollywood

Can you recall a time when something you viewed on television or in a theater was not presented in color? We live in a time where we are lucky to see everything within vibrant, beautiful hues. However, as some do seem to forget, before the invention of Technicolor and its incorporation into filmmaking, moves used to be all in black and white.