8 Satisfying Sets of Character Film Posters

Anticipation. It’s something we can’t help but feel whenever a movie studio decides to announce a new film that will spark thousands of people’s interest. Our interest and expectations is what drives us to eat up any bit of promotional material studios throw our way. The best strategy movie studios use to hold our attention are character posters.

Character movie posters help feed our inner fanboys, especially when it comes to films that are based on stories of characters that have been attached to our lives since childhood. (I’m looking at you, superhero movies!) Regardless of whether a movie manages to live up to our expectations or manages to satisfy our anticipations, its those character posters that help ignite the spark inside us that builds up the eagerness we fell to finally be sat in that theater and watching the movie play out right before our eyes.


1. Justice League (2017)

Although this one isn’t expected to be released until early Winter of this year, I’m sure I can say without a doubt that this better glimpses of the Justice League characters has way too many people counting down on their clocks and calendars for November 17 to finally arrive.

The film is so greatly anticipated and well-known by now that just simply seeing the letters “JL” behind each character automatically gives away to the viewer which movie these characters are tied to. The use of contrast and the spark of light underneath each hero gives them a feel of energy, power, and godliness. Each one of their poses hold a manner of importance. Each person is standing up tall, showing their strength. Each image to me screams, “I’m a hero and I’m not someone you’d want to mess with.”


2. Suicide Squad (2016)

DC’s band of misfits had plenty of people going crazy for more once character costumes were revealed. Not only was it refreshing to see the “bad guys” have their own film, but it was exciting to get to see how their world played out in front of us.

With Suicide Squad‘s marketing use of bold colors, it was automatically assumed that the film would be played off as more of a fun thing rather than one of darkness and crime–which is definitely something I initially thought of since it was to be a film centered around a bunch of criminals. However, in this set of character posters, each has some form of graffiti in the background, which reminds us that, despite the hint of colors in their backgrounds, they’re all still tough individuals that like to terrorize the city.


3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

The biggest thing here for the fanboys was that there was to be a new Star Wars film after 10 years. After seeing what happened before and during the reign of Darth Vader, what else about this galaxy far far away were we to know about now?

With the exception of Leia’s poster, each of the characters within the Star Wars: The Force Awakens posters are holding the weapons they have or will be known for–some more important than others. It was also a nice subtle look at the characters we were newly introduced to  and reminded of the ones we grew to love over the years.


4. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

With 9 X-Men movies, one can only imagine the numerous amount of character posters they have made over the franchise’s life space. However, the one I had always liked the most were these two from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Since the film had to do with time travel, I loved how they combined the characters’ younger and older versions of themselves in one image. They are perfectly blended with the use of the trademark “X.” The contrasting colors make the images pop and attract the eye.


5. The Great Gatsby (2013)

Anyone who had seen the trailer for The Great Gatsby were met with an explosion of beauty, fantasy, and the desire to go back in time. The art deco backgrounds and the Roaring Twenties clothing was enough to draw vintage fashion lovers in. The Great Gatsby may have been a period film, but it for certain made for a modern world. Don’t believe me? Just go watch the film.

6. Sucker Punch (2011)

The premise behind Sucker Punch was an action film that starred only female actors. To get a movie that was only focused on women and not a romantic comedy is just about impossible. Within the posters, its easy to see how these women are way more than just a pretty face. Each display their level of badassery, which is amplified by the contrasting colors within each poster. The use of dull colors lets you know that this movie will have nothing to do with sweet little girls but rather women who can kick ass and hold their own.


7. Kick-Ass (2010)

Kick-Ass was another comic book based film, however, what made it different from the rest was its “R” rating. Off the bat, we knew this one wasn’t meant for kids. It had a dark humor that was only meant for adults. It was more of an experience into how a real world crime fighter would experience encounters with villains and such.

The large type used for the film’s title is a great reminder that Kick-Ass was a movie that was going to be in your face and unapologetic (meaning, they weren’t your typical superhero movie and they weren’t even sorry about it). Each paint drip of color behind each character and their action pose make the image more dynamic.


8. Watchmen (2009)

When you think “comic book,” you probably think of something more along the lines of bright colors, moral stories, goodness, and suitable for children. Originally a mini series graphic novel, Watchmen was another comic book turned film whose subject matter was also more on the dark side of things. Within the character posters for the film, you can easily see the influences of the late 1980s comic book still there. From the type choice to the contrast coloring used maintains the feel of the Watchmen’s world.