Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS have motion posters!

We know Reel Design writes about film posters, but since Marvel’s The Defenders is technically a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND these really cool motion posters were released on Twitter, we couldn’t resist. These posters show the characters crossing over into each others shows!

Here are the heroes in all their glory:

1. Jessica Jones outside of Pop’s Barber Shop – The barber shop is a Harlem staple and was a major setting on Luke Cage.

2. Luke Cage outside of Josie’s – This is Matthew Murdock’s, a.k.a Daredevil, favorite bar!

3. Iron Fist meditating outside of Jessica Jones’ detective agency – Danny Rand looks like he’s been there for a while! Who’s the shadow on the other side of the door?

4. Daredevil inside of Rand Enterprises – Matthew Murdock is on his way up (or down?) from Iron Fist’s building! Did he have an appointment?