Different poster designs for the movies you love

1. Power Rangers (2017)

Carlos Dattoii Did an amazing job in this concept art for the new Power Rangers movie. The level of detail is outstanding from the paint job of the zords to the ranger suits. I really like the wear and tear effect on the rangers and the zords, it gives it a more realistic feel because they look like they have been fighting and the wounds and warn out paint shows that.


2. The Mummy (2017)

I really like the different approach, it has a whole different feel to it and it looks awesome. I like the different colors because it breaks away from the usual black and grays from the original poster and although its not supposed to be all colorful it still works well. Shout out to Paulus Kristanto for the great work.

3. Captain America Civil War (2016)

Here are some awesome captain America Civil War alternative posters. These posters are all completely different from each other but you can still sense that feeling of rivalry and conflict in every poster .