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Logan (2017)

Logan is the final farewell (allegedly) to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, after 17 years of portraying the character on the big screen. The story takes place in 2029, with the mutant population at an all time low and Logan’s power to self-heal slowly becoming a thing of the past. He lives his days under the radar, with his hand clutched around the bottle and being a chauffeur for extra cash. Logan takes care of an old and sick Professor Xavier somewhere near the Mexican border. Things take a turn for the worst when a stranger asks Logan to drive a young mutant named Laura to the Canadian border, not knowing that they both share DNA.

When a Man Loves a Walrus

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Tusk follows the story of a podcaster who interviews people from viral videos. After an interview falls through, he comes across an ad in a men’s restroom stating they have a free room to stay in and interesting stories to share. Intrigued and in need of story to come back with for his podcast, the main character decides to go for the offer, but ends up encountering more than he bargained for.

Dangerous Beauty

The Neon Demon is a psychological horror film about a teenage girl who moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. Her young looks instantly catches the eyes of talent scouts and sets her at odds with older, more seasoned models in the field.

The movie, as well as its marketing, using bright neon colors to set the aesthetic and feel of the movie: dark and intriguing. The bits of bright color help to only give a hint of insight into the dangerous world out protagonist is on the road to encounter.

Moon (2009)

Originally released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009, Moon is a science fiction drama starring Sam Rockwell, an astronaut in charge of maintaining operations of a fully automated lunar mining facility. After a series of hallucinations and an accident, he discovers a dark secret.

The huge contrast between the geometric moon composed of radial waves and a pitch black background signifying space is extremely pleasing. Sam Rockwell directly in the middle speaks volumes in relation to the themes explored in the movie. The condensed geometric typography on the lower right is the perfect addition to the poster and adds a retro feeling.