Ingrid Goes West pokes fun at our social media obsession

Ingrid Goes West is a satirical dark comedy about taking social media too seriously. Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) is an unstable girl from Pennsylvania that mistakes social media interactions with real life relationships. She moves to Los Angeles to befriend a social media influencer, Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), and becomes obsessed with her. From the looks of the trailer, things get a little wild.

A Trip Back to Old Hollywood

Can you recall a time when something you viewed on television or in a theater was not presented in color? We live in a time where we are lucky to see everything within vibrant, beautiful hues. However, as some do seem to forget, before the invention of Technicolor and its incorporation into filmmaking, moves used to be all in black and white.

If You Can Think, It You Can Do It – Literally

If you happened to come across an object that gave you the ability to create a story of anything you want, and it would come true, would you use it? In the story of Ruby Sparks, a younger writer named Calvin, dreams up a woman and decides to write about her. Over time, he falls in love with the woman in his head, and the more he writes about her, the more real she becomes.

When a Man Loves a Walrus

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Tusk follows the story of a podcaster who interviews people from viral videos. After an interview falls through, he comes across an ad in a men’s restroom stating they have a free room to stay in and interesting stories to share. Intrigued and in need of story to come back with for his podcast, the main character decides to go for the offer, but ends up encountering more than he bargained for.