It Comes At Night makes you face your worst fear

It Comes at Night is a psychological horror film being released on June 9, 2017. From the looks of the trailer, one family gives refuge to another family in a cabin somewhere out in the wilderness. There’s a red door that’s supposed to stay locked at all times. Any activities that need to be done, should be done in the day time. They are all deathly afraid of the night. One night, the red door is wide open. They keep saying the work “sick” after, so we’re assuming it’s a kind of virus that turns people into monsters but the source only comes at night. It’s pretty daunting.

How Much Can You Trust the Cabin in the Woods?

Horror movies inevitably fall into a run of cliches. Teens making out and coming across a random person/thing that chases them and tries to kill them. Person’s alone somewhere, hears a noise and decides to go investigate it – unarmed. Person tries to run get away from killer in a house, and chooses to go up the stairs to high. As annoying and predictable these scenarios might be, The Cabin in the Woods film takes these all into consideration and does something different with them.

The Devil is Always Watching

Picture yourself riding an elevator within a skyscraper building. There’s no way you can get around it since your appointment is on the very top floor. Remember that it is impossible for you to be riding this elevator alone and there is no one on it that you know. Next imagine finding out one of your fellow passengers is ruler of hell. What would you do?

Life’s poster shows a little glimpse of death

Life, the new space horror movie (as if space isn’t scary enough) releasing this year plays on the familiar theme of finding very unfriendly life on another planet. Directed by Daniel Espinosa and starring Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, and Jake Gyllenhaal as a couple of astronauts finding “primitive” life on mars. Things quickly take a turn for the worst and the hunters become the hunted. It might sound like an Alien ripoff but the cast itself is worthy of viewing.

The Most Dangerous Game of Would You Rather

Would You Rather, originally released in 2012, is a film that follows a young woman named Iris who looks after her brother with leukemia and whose medical treatments are becoming too expensive for her to handle. In what seems to be a turn of luck for Iris, her brother’s doctor introduces her to a man who offers her a chance of helping her out. However, she must first agree to partake in a little game at his house. The next night, she visits the man’s home and once dinner is over and the games begin, she immediately regrets her decision. Just like in the classic game of “Would You Rather,” contestants have been invited to the benefactor’s manor must endure increasingly difficult options of “Would You Rather…” in order to get closer to the winning prize. However, each choice made will lead to a terrible outcome and there’s no way out of it.

When a Man Loves a Walrus

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Tusk follows the story of a podcaster who interviews people from viral videos. After an interview falls through, he comes across an ad in a men’s restroom stating they have a free room to stay in and interesting stories to share. Intrigued and in need of story to come back with for his podcast, the main character decides to go for the offer, but ends up encountering more than he bargained for.