Family No More

The fast and furious franchise is iconic for its fast and dangerous driving stunts and it seems like every time a new movie comes out their adventures get better and better. This family is held together by their love of cars, respect and loyalty towards each other but what will happen when the “alpha” of the family betrays their bond and turns against them? what will happen to the crew when they have to fight against their leader, will they be able to defeat their all mighty leader? 

Biker Boyz (2003)

Biker boyz is about underground motorcycle drag racers and a young boy who had dreams of one day defeating the “king of cali” and winning the crown. kid, along with his father slick will were the mechanics of smoke which, was the undefeated king of cali and after an unfortunate accident kid’s father was killed in a freak accident and from there on kid stopped working for smoke and started racing on his own. A few months after  slick will died kid ran into smoke and called him out and smoke told kid he needed to be part of a motorcycle club so he started his own club with two of his friends and thats how “Biker Boyz” was born. Together they raced to the top, hustling and racing against the other motorcycle club. Eventually, kid got his shot at racing the “king of cali,” smoke he won and went on to become the new “king of cali.”